We always aim to develop the most effective and economical solution for our customers from a technical point of view.

We develop and compare different approaches to solutions with regard to the materials that can be used, manufacturing processes, supply chains, administrative effort and potential risks.

Tool design, construction and manufacture

Precision and accuracy are the prerequisites for the manufactured tools/molds in our own tool manufacture. The tool manufacture is located in the same building as the injection molding production, but as a separate department.

Injection moulding production

In our injection moulding production, more than 20 injection moulding machines are available for the production of various plastic articles, according to customer requirements. The machines cover a wide range of clamping forces (from 22 to 2,500 tons).

Polyurethane Processing

Polyurethane processing is one of our core competencies just like injection molding. Liquid components become mixed together which immediately triggers a reaction and subsequently reacts to form a solid and still elastic material.

Assembly and packaging

From the very beginning, an important part of our company philosophy has been the endeavour to not only deliver individual parts to our customers, but also ready-to-install assemblies.